Your business doesn’t seem to grow, in most months of the year; you make minimal sales or no sales at all. You are at the point of giving up, still, you are reading this, fertilizing little rays of hope you have left. Or perhaps are you starting a business and just looking for new ways to make sure you get started on the right track?

Here are trusted tips to help grow your business in the year 2019:

  1. Design your products/services to meet the NEEDS OF THE PUBLIC.

Whatever product or service you sell, there are probably two or more people doing the same thing. How well you outshine your competitors is largely dependent on how relevant your product or service is to the public.

Facebook and Myspace are two products that launched the same time, yet Facebook is more relevant and popular than Myspace today. LinkedIn launched years after Myspace was launched yet LinkedIn still ranks higher than Myspace as a social media network. Reason for this trend is mainly because of the keyword “Relevance”.

Is your product relevant to the public or are you just giving the same product and service as several other people with nothing special to it?

For Example,

You own a clothing store, just as several hundreds of people do. In a scenario like this, what would make your store stand out from others could be that you offer free fashion consultation services to a certain demographic (perhaps nursing mothers or plus size women). You could design a style book or write a blog sharing fashion tips and style hacks. The secret here is to keep evolving your brand and look for ways to meet your audience at the point of their needs; this will keep them coming back for more.

  1. Keep a detailed expense book.

You need to know how much is coming in and going out of your business account. Whatever is not needed cut it off.

Usually, after the first few sales, you might be tempted to spend your profit on having a good time to reward yourself. While enjoying the fruits of your labor is a good thing, there are other ventures in which cash should be invested in to further boost your business.

For Example,

Invest in Digital Marketing and Advertising. Digital Marketing involves organically improving your visibility on search engines and social media networks, paying for ads or paying influencers to advertise your products on their page.

When engaging the services of an influencer, ensure that their followers are your desired audience. You don’t want to engage the services of a tech influencer to market maternity wears or a makeup influencer to advertise tech gadgets.

  1. Employ new marketing strategies.

Marketing strategies are like drivers, they lead your business where it ought to go, and like cars, you will require skilled drivers to move seamlessly through a terrain.

Hence, you need to employ “skilled” marketing strategies to enable you reach hearts of the public.

For Example,

Sending felicitation messages to your clients during holidays will keep your brand on their mind.

Commenting on pictures they upload on their social media handles anytime you notice your product would also keep you visible to existing customers and potential ones.

  1. Ask for Feedback:

There is no better way to improve your product/service than through feedback. Ask your existing customers what they would like to see included or changed in your product or service. Ask them where you are lagging and where they would like to see improvements in.

If you are a new business owner, you could ask potential customers  how their experience has been with other business owners selling products/services similar to what you sell, ask what they would like to see changed and add those points to your business strategies.

  1. Have clearly defined goals:

Your goals should be clearly defined. You should know exactly what you aim to achieve from your business.

For Instance,

As a business owner, if asked “what you aim to achieve from running your business”, what would be your reply?

Most would say “to make money” but I tell you, that is not goal enough. You should have a clear goal of the specific amount of money you aim to make in a day, week, month and year then work actively to reach that goal or even exceed it. That way you are more focused and determined to reach your goals.

Lastly, reward yourself. All the discipline, hard work and commitment should not go unrewarded. You could get yourself a family vacation, some nice shoes, a new car or simply change the furniture at your apartment but be sure to have reinvested your income in other business strategies before spoiling yourself.