mere-exposure effect, public relations, business tips, public relations firm in abujaThink about your favorite character from the TV show you love to watch.

How about the delivery man that frequents your apartment?

Chances are, you might not know these people personally, but you feel a sense of familiarity towards them. To you, they are trustworthy people you could be friends with. This feeling of familiarity has a name, it is called the mere-exposure effect and it can help your business make significant sales. Keep reading to know how.

When exposed to something or someone repeatedly, you begin to form an attachment and liking towards it even though you never liked it at first. This phenomenon is evident when you form a liking to music or food you didn’t appreciate the first time you were exposed to it. After a few listens, a song that you didn’t like at first begins to sound interesting to you.

This article sheds light on how you can use the mere-exposure effect to influence the public’s reaction to your brand and ultimately increase visibility, engagement and sales.

What is the mere-exposure effect?

Also known as the familiarity principle, the mere-exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon that increases a person’s liking for something or someone simply because they have been repeatedly exposed to that thing or person. According to renowned researchers, including the American Psychological Association, we start to think of people and things more favorably the more we’re exposed to them.

How can the mere-exposure effect help my business make sales?

Just as you took a liking to something or someone you did not initially like, so also can you get bored of it.

Some companies try to take advantage of the mere-exposure effect by bombarding the public with their images and messages, this is wrong. Research reveals that the mere-exposure effect works best when you give the information disseminated time to soak in. This means the messages your firm sends out must be properly timed and co-ordinated to be most effective.

1. Be visible:

The Mercedes Benz triangle star, the Chanel double c, the silhouette of the Mickey Mouse and the Nike swoosh. The above mentioned are brand symbols you can easily recognize wherever you see them. People remember symbols, even sublimely and several experiments prove this to be true. Your company should have a unique, powerful and recognizable logo. This logo can then be affixed on all your social media posts, branded T-shirts, sponsored events e.t.c This goes a long way to register your brand consciously or unconsciously in the minds of the public.

2. Identify your audience:

Not all age demographics are favorably affected by the mere-exposure effect. For example, kids and younger adults tend to reject things that are too familiar; they think of them as old fashioned and thirst for new stuff. Hence identifying the right audience that would help your advertisement campaigns have the best possible impact and utilize the most efficient channels to reach that audience.

3. Engage the services of a highly ranked PR agency:

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