Event Management Tips you should adopt in 2019

Event Management Tips you should adopt in 2019

Event Management Tips you should adopt in 2019

1. Identify the aim of the event: If you are thinking of hosting an event, you need to first off determine what your event hopes to achieve. Do you hope to raise funds for your business through the event? Or are you just looking for more publicity.

When planning an event with the aim of crowd funding, you should be particularly selective of your invitees. Your invitation message should clearly state what the event is all about and how you intend to use the money realized.

If you’re sponsoring a show or concert with the aim of selling tickets and making profit, make sure your event is publicized to the right audience; an audience that is likely to purchase tickets to attend the event.

2. Plan Ahead:

Realistically, you should begin planning 4-6 months ahead of the event date for a big event and at least two months prior the event for a small event. This would avail you enough time to check and recheck all modalities, change plan if need be and make sure all vendor contracts are completed before the event.

3.  Negotiate:

Do not accept all prices a vendor gives you hook line and sinker. Negotiate!

You need to work with a budget so as to ensure that you get much work done with the barest minimum amount of money, and like every other investment option, planning an event has the probability of failing or not making as much returns as expected, so you need to be very frugal so your loss is limited in the case of a flop.

4. Make sure to take pictures and videos of the event;

Granted not everyone invited to the event would come. Some might have other engagements to get to and others might simply not want to come. Others might not even purchase tickets because they are quite skeptical of the event. Taking as much videos and pictures as possible and uploading them to your website or social media account shows people what they might have missed out on. It helps create visibility for your business and serves as attraction for invitees in case you decide to plan another event.

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